Terrifying French Children’s Books

I have to thank British author Jenny Colgan for this post.  Her blog about Terrifying French Children’s Books needs to be shared.  Here is link to the Guardian’s report on this topic: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/gallery/2012/may/30/terrifying-french-childrens-books-in-pictures?CMP=twt_gu

If only I had had a chance to read these books as a child, how much better I might have turned out!  I had only the desperate loneliness and mistreatment of The Little Princess to revel in.  I am going to order a few of these and read them now. (Thank goodness for my French classes!  Merci Madam DuBois et Madam Watts!)


The Other Elizabeth Taylor

Having just finished Elizabeth Taylor’s novel Angel, I recommend it to fans of Jane Austin.  New York Review Books Classics has reissued a few of her works.  There are two at the Lake Forest Library, which is where I found this one.  More on Elizabeth Taylor can be found in this article from The Atlantic: